Kerala Tour Packages from Solapur

Kerala, often referred to as "God's Own Country," is a paradise for travelers seeking a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and tranquility. Located on the southwestern coast of India, Kerala offers a diverse range of experiences, from lush tea plantations to serene backwaters and vibrant festivals. If you're planning a trip from Solapur, you're in luck! Kerala tour packages from Solapur provide convenient and exciting options for exploring this enchanting destination. In this article, we'll delve into the various ways to explore Kerala and highlight the attractions suitable for different types of travelers.

1. Kerala Tour Packages from Solapur by Train : Embarking on a train journey from Solapur to Kerala is an excellent choice for those who love the scenic route. This adventure involves a picturesque ride through the Western Ghats, offering breathtaking views of lush landscapes. Kerala tour packages by train provide a unique experience that connects Solapur with destinations like Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, and more.

2. Kerala Tour Packages from Solapur by Bus : For budget-conscious travelers, Kerala tour packages from Solapur by bus are a cost-effective option. Comfortable buses equipped with essential amenities make the journey enjoyable. Traveling by bus allows you to witness the changing landscapes of India, making it an immersive experience.

3. Kerala Tour Packages from Solapur by Flight : If you're looking for speed and convenience, taking a flight from Solapur to Kerala is the quickest option. Solapur doesn't have an airport, so travelers typically take a flight from nearby airports like Pune or Hyderabad to major Kerala airports like Kochi or Thiruvananthapuram. This is a convenient choice for those with limited time.

4. Kerala Family Tour from Solapur : Kerala is an ideal destination for families, and tour packages from Solapur cater to the needs of family travelers. These packages offer a blend of activities suitable for all ages, from exploring wildlife sanctuaries to enjoying houseboat cruises on the backwaters. Kerala ensures that families can create cherished memories together.

5. Kerala Couple Tour Packages from Solapur : Kerala's romantic ambiance makes it a perfect destination for couples. From tranquil beaches to luxurious houseboats, Kerala has it all. Couple tour packages from Solapur often include private accommodations, candlelight dinners, and enchanting boat rides, making it a dreamy getaway for two.

6. Kerala Senior Citizen Tour Packages from Solapur : For senior citizens seeking a serene and relaxed vacation, Kerala provides tour packages tailored to their preferences. These packages prioritize comfort and rejuvenation, including gentle activities like Ayurvedic treatments, cultural performances, and visits to heritage sites.

7. Kerala Women Tour Packages from Solapur : Kerala offers women travelers unique and empowering experiences. Women-centric tour packages from Solapur may include wellness retreats, cooking classes, and interactions with local women artisans. Kerala's rich culture and traditions are celebrated in these tours.

8. Kerala Tourism Office in Solapur : To assist with travel arrangements and inquiries, Kerala Tourism has established an office in Solapur. Travelers can visit this office to gather information, book tour packages, and seek assistance with visa and travel-related matters.

9. Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) Tour Packages from Solapur : KTDC, the official tourism agency of Kerala, offers a range of tour packages from Solapur. Known for their quality and comprehensive itineraries, these packages ensure travelers make the most of their Kerala experience.

10. Kerala Tour Operators in Solapur : Several tour operators in Solapur specialize in Kerala tours and offer a wide range of options tailored to individual preferences. These operators provide flexibility and customization, allowing travelers to create their ideal Kerala itinerary.

11. Kerala Group Tour Packages from Solapur : Traveling with a group of friends or colleagues? Kerala group tour packages from Solapur are designed to accommodate your needs, offering shared experiences and making it easy for groups to explore Kerala's diverse attractions together.

Kerala's natural beauty, cultural diversity, and warm hospitality make it an inviting destination for travelers from Solapur. Whether you prefer a scenic train journey, an economical bus ride, or a quick flight, Kerala offers a variety of options to suit your travel style. With tour packages customized for families, couples, seniors, women, and groups, Kerala ensures that every traveler can create unforgettable memories in "God's Own Country." Pack your bags and embark on a journey to explore the enchanting Kerala.



7 Nights 8 Days Kerala Tour Packages From Solapur


Day 1: Kochi : Arrival in Kochi : Arrive at Cochin International Airport from Solapur. Meet and greet by a representative from the luxury tour operator. Transfer to a 5-star hotel in Kochi. Spend the day exploring Kochi's historical sites, such as Fort Kochi, Mattancherry Palace, and the Chinese Fishing Nets. Enjoy a traditional Kathakali dance performance in the evening.


Day 2: Kochi : Kochi Sightseeing : After breakfast, take a city tour of Kochi, visiting attractions like the St. Francis Church, Jewish Synagogue, and the Dutch Palace. Explore the vibrant streets of Fort Kochi and indulge in shopping for handicrafts and spices. In the evening, enjoy a sunset cruise on the backwaters of Kochi. Return to the hotel for an overnight stay.


Day 3: Munnar : Kochi to Munnar : After breakfast, check out from the hotel and proceed to Munnar. Enjoy a scenic drive through the lush tea plantations and rolling hills of Munnar. Check in to a luxurious 5-star resort in Munnar. Spend the evening at leisure, enjoying the amenities and facilities of the resort.Overnight stay at the 5-star resort in Munnar.


Day 4: Munnar : Munnar Exploration : After breakfast, embark on a full-day sightseeing tour of Munnar. Visit attractions like the Tata Tea Museum, Echo Point, Mattupetty Dam, and the beautiful Eravikulam National Park. Enjoy breathtaking views of the tea gardens and explore the picturesque landscapes of Munnar. Return to the resort for an overnight stay.


Day 5: Thekkady : Munnar to Thekkady : After breakfast, check out from the resort and drive to Thekkady. Check in to a luxurious 5-star hotel or resort in Thekkady. In the afternoon, enjoy a boat ride on Periyar Lake to spot wildlife in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Visit the spice plantations and indulge in a relaxing Ayurvedic massage. Overnight stay at the 5-star hotel in Thekkady.


Day 6: Kumarakom : Thekkady to Kumarakom : After breakfast, proceed to Kumarakom. Check in to a luxurious 5-star resort in Kumarakom. Spend the day relaxing by the serene backwaters and enjoying the facilities of the resort. Optional activities include a visit to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary or a sunset cruise on the Vembanad Lake. Overnight stay at Kumarakom.

alleppey houseboat

Day 7: Alleppey Houseboat : Kumarakom to Alleppey Houseboat : After breakfast, check out from the resort and transfer to Alleppey. Board a luxury houseboat for an overnight stay and cruise on the backwaters of Alleppey. Enjoy the picturesque views, delicious Kerala cuisine, and the peaceful ambiance of the backwaters. Overnight stay on the luxury houseboat.


Day 8: Departure : Alleppey to Cochin Airport - Solapur : Disembark from the houseboat after breakfast. Transfer to Cochin International Airport for your departure. Please note that this is a sample itinerary and can be customized based on your preferences, the availability of accommodations, and the duration of your stay. It's recommended to work closely with a tour operator.

Kerala Tour Packages from Solapur Booking Procedures

1 : Submit your tour plan by clicking the link.

2 : Your enquiry automatically forwarded up to 2 leading tour operators/ advisors in Kerala and your home town.

3 : Tour advisors will contact you through either phone or email for preparing the best tour itinerary as per your budget and duration of stay.

4 : You shall get the tour plan and cost from our recommended tour advisors.

5 : You may opt for the best tour itinerary/advisor as per your wish.

6 : The tour operator will confirm the tour plan and ask you to pay a 25% advance payment. Balance payment you can pay on arrival.

7 : You will get vehicle details and driver details 2 days before arrival.

8 : Our recommended tour operators representative will receive you on arrival at the airport/railway station/bus station.

9 : Your dedicated tour advisor will be available to support you from start to end of your tour.

10 : Our service is absolutely free of cost.

Essential Information & Frequently Asked Questions About Kerala Tour from Solapur

1. How can I travel from Solapur to Kerala? You can travel to Kerala from Solapur by train, bus, or flight. Each mode of transportation has its own advantages, so you can choose the one that suits your preferences and schedule.

2. What is the most convenient way to reach Kerala from Solapur? The most convenient way to reach Kerala from Solapur is typically by taking a flight. Solapur itself does not have an airport, so you would need to book a flight from nearby airports like Pune or Hyderabad to major Kerala airports like Kochi or Thiruvananthapuram.

3. How long does it take to reach Kerala from Solapur by train? The train journey from Solapur to Kerala can take approximately 24 to 30 hours, depending on the specific train route and stops along the way.

4. What are the best tourist destinations in Kerala from Solapur? Kerala offers a variety of attractions, including Munnar (famous for its tea plantations), Alleppey (known for houseboat cruises), Kochi (with its historical sites), Thekkady (home to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary), and Wayanad (known for its lush greenery).

5. Is a visa required for Indian travelers from Solapur visiting Kerala? Indian citizens do not require a visa to travel within India, including to Kerala. You can visit Kerala without the need for a visa or any additional permits.

6. What is the best time to visit Kerala from Solapur? Kerala enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year. However, the best time to visit is during the winter months (October to February) when the weather is cooler and more comfortable.

7. Are there specific Kerala tour packages for families traveling from Solapur? Yes, many tour operators offer family-friendly Kerala tour packages that include activities suitable for all age groups, ensuring an enjoyable experience for families.

8. How can I book a Kerala tour package from Solapur? You can book Kerala tour packages through travel agencies, online travel portals, or directly with Kerala Tourism. It's advisable to research and compare options to find the best package that suits your preferences and budget.

9. Are there English-speaking guides available in Kerala for Solapur travelers? Yes, you can easily find English-speaking guides in popular tourist destinations in Kerala. They can enhance your experience by providing insights into the culture and history of the region.

10. What kind of clothing should I pack for my Kerala trip from Solapur? Lightweight, breathable clothing is suitable for Kerala's tropical climate. It's also advisable to pack comfortable walking shoes, swimwear (if you plan to swim), and modest clothing if you intend to visit religious sites.

11. Is Kerala safe for travelers from Solapur? Kerala is considered a safe destination for travelers. Like any travel destination, it's advisable to take standard precautions such as securing your belongings and staying aware of your surroundings.

12. Can I find vegetarian or Solapuri cuisine in Kerala? Kerala offers a variety of cuisine, including vegetarian options. While you may not find Solapuri cuisine, you can enjoy Kerala's unique dishes and flavors during your visit.

Remember that specific details may vary based on your chosen tour package and travel plans, so it's essential to communicate with your tour operator or travel agent to clarify any doubts and ensure a smooth and enjoyable Kerala tour from Solapur.



Route Map for 7 Nights/8 Days Kerala Tour from Solapur

Kerala Tour from Solapur Route Map Details : Solapur to Kochi Airport (by Flight): Distance: Varies based on your departure airport in Solapur (e.g., Pune or Hyderabad). Time: The flight duration can range from 2 to 3 hours, depending on your departure city and the specific flight route. Kochi Airport to Kochi City: Distance: Approximately 36 kilometers (22 miles). Time: The drive from Kochi Airport to Kochi city center can take around 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on traffic conditions. Kochi to Munnar: Distance: Approximately 130 kilometers (81 miles). Time: The road journey from Kochi to Munnar can take around 3.5 to 4.5 hours, depending on the route and road conditions. Munnar to Thekkady: Distance: Approximately 90 kilometers (56 miles). Time: The drive from Munnar to Thekkady typically takes about 3 hours. Thekkady to Kumarakom: Distance: Approximately 125 kilometers (78 miles). Time: The journey from Thekkady to Kumarakom can take around 3 to 4 hours, depending on the route chosen.

Kumarakom to Alleppey Houseboat (Alappuzha): Distance: Approximately 35 kilometers (22 miles). Time: The drive from Kumarakom to Alleppey (Alappuzha) can take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, where you'll board your houseboat. Alleppey Houseboat Experience: The duration of your houseboat experience in Alleppey can vary depending on your chosen package. It could be a day cruise or an overnight stay. Alleppey to Cochin Airport: Distance: pproximately 75 kilometers (47 miles). Time: The drive from Alleppey to Cochin Airport usually takes around 1.5 to 2 hours. Cochin Airport to Solapur (by Flight): Distance: Varies based on your destination airport in Solapur (e.g., Pune or Hyderabad). Time: The flight duration for the return journey from Cochin Airport to Solapur will depend on the specific flight route and destination. Please note that these are approximate distances and travel times, and actual times may vary based on factors such as road conditions, traffic, and the chosen mode of transportation. Additionally, the availability of flights and local traffic conditions can affect your travel schedule. It's advisable to plan your itinerary in advance, considering potential sightseeing stops and breaks to make the most of your Kerala journey.





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